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Bootleg Comics #1-4 SET PRE-ORDER


The first four issues of BOOTLEG COMICS, published by Frank Santoro's Phantoro Press

Issue one is Mazzucchelli and Toth. Issue two is Santoro and Boichel. Issue three is Kirby and Ogden Whitney. Issue four is Chester Brown. Each issue only 100 handmade copies. All traditional comic book size.

BOOTLEG COMICS #1 - this issue Mazzucchelli and Toth 24 pages color xerox on glossy paper

BOOTLEG COMICS #2 is a FAIRVALE number one bootleg. Written by Bill Boichel and drawn by Frank Santoro. 1998. This was our pitch to publishers. No takers and this format version --the standard north american 24 page black and white comic with color cover--of this material was never printed except for a handful sent out. Two short stories.

BOOTLEG COMICS #3 - The best Jack Kirby fight scene ever. Plus Ogden Whitney. 24 pages. Full color.

BOOTLEG COMICS #4 is arguably the most interesting Chester Brown single issue of all time. Where the mini-comic origins meets published comic book by distributed indie pubber Vortex. Was the beginning of the "Bible Stories" just page filler to round out the issue page count?

This is a pre-order, it will ship when the copies arrive from the USA (probably in March)