Cowlick Comics #5

  • Cowlick Comics #5

best issue yet?! 68 pages... starts off as dense narratiove hyperaction manga then explodes into psychedelic manga, but all of the manga is topnotch. the manga is made by Sophia Warden (cover) Juliette Collet (back cover) and Sam Seigel, james "JIMMY" tonra, Virgil warren, max burlingame, wyatt warren, juliette collet & Jasper krents, MINNIE slocum, Deji lasi, harley healy, emma o'mara, Krusty Wheatfield, OWWI lee, GOODBOYEVIL, jade mar, Nick Fowler, Ashton "tony" Carless, and floyd tangeman. back inside cover by ANEKO, TRIm, LOW, Crazy Andy, TRAFIK, and GOODBOYEVIL.

edited by floyd tangeman <3 <3 <3