Frontier #5: Sam Alden

  • Frontier #5: Sam Alden
  • Frontier #5: Sam Alden
  • Frontier #5: Sam Alden
  • Frontier #5: Sam Alden

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Frontier #5: Sam Alden is any exciting installment of Youth in Decline's ongoing monograph series, Frontier, which aims to highlight exciting and challenging new work by a single artist.
This issue includes a 36-page comic, which deals with family legacies, summer vacation, and sinkholes. 2 colors printed on Risograph.
Sam Alden is one of the most interesting new voices in comics of recent memory, creating kinetic stories that often mix nostalgia and challenging topics with formal/visual experimentation.

Published by Youth in Decline

"It’s a haunting tale revolving around older siblings looking back at their life and working to exorcise the demon that haunted, and still haunts, them – a demon embodied as a whirlpool threatening to suck them beneath the water, if they get too close. There are no easy answers in this short narrative – How real is this horror? How come it still haunts them, even at this age? – and I like that, a lot."
- Chris Beckett, Warrior27